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   I have always enjoyed viewing objects close-up and studying the world microscopically. Surfaces take on a whole new topography. Incredible new details emerge. Aspects that originally appeared simple become incredibly sophisticated. Complex shapes and patterns become even more wonderful and mesmerizing. There is beauty in design. 

  My work is witness to those hidden worlds working in tandem with my own imagination. The works are not based off of real life models, but are constructed of forms and patterns seen and imagined across a wide spectrum of biology. I draw my greatest inspiration from diatoms, plankton, invertebrates and insects as well as plants, seeds, flowers and pollen.


  The processes that I use are mostly from traditional silversmithing. Heating and hammering a variety of metals, angle raising, chasing and fabrication. Included in my techniques is mokume: 


  My work with mokume began in 1999 as a research project while I was in undergraduate school at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. In 2007, while I was in graduate school at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania I was able to meet and study solid state diffusion bonding with Steve Midgett. My primary work revolves around creating mokume gane thru the use of liquid phase, solid state, and other highly scientific processes. Often mokume is used as a design element in my work to replicate color, pattern and/or texture. Occasionally, I use mokume entirely. 
  I have added a few Layered Resplendence Collaborative pieces that I made with fellow Artist David Huang to the Portfolio section. The pieces that are still available for sale can be found on his website at


 The Layered Resplendence series started in 2009 and continues with a few pieces added each year. So far the series encompasses 72 pieces.


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